10 Most Brutal Serial Killers World Has Ever Known!


Everyone is aware of the word ‘serial killers’. For years the world has come across several serial killers. These killers are mentally sick people who commit such hideous crime. They sometimes carry out such inhumane acts just for the sake of fun and pleasure.

Here is the list of 15 such extremely dangerous and notorious serial killers :

#1. Edmund Kemper (California, America):


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Also known as ” The Co-ed killer”. He was a necrophile who carried out several murders during 1970s in California, America. He murdered his own grandparents when he was just 15 years old. Later he killed 6 female hitchhikers in Santa Cruz area. He had also killed his mother and one of her friends. He was convicted and found guilty of total of eight murders and received a lifetime imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

#2. Andrei Chikatilo (Ukraine) :


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Also known as “Butcher of Rostov/ Red Ripper”. He committed sexual assault, murders and mutilation of total of 56 women and children between 1978 and 1990. He carried out these murders in Russia SSR, Ukraine SSR and Uzbek SSR. In October 1992 he was convicted and found guilty of murdering 52 people. 18 months later on 14th February, 1992 he was executed by firing a bullet to his head.

#3. Dr. Harold Shipman (England) :


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Also known as “Dr. Death”, he was born in England in 1946 and began working as physician in 1970. Dr. Harold got arrested on 7th September 1998 and was found guilty of murdering his patients mostly of which were elderly women. He killed as many as 260 of his patients by injecting them with lethal doses of painkillers. He was sentenced to 15 life imprisonment and was found hanging in his prison cell at Wakefield on January 13, 2004.