10 Most Brutal Torture Devices!

There was a time during medieval age when punishments were extremely harsh and horrifying. From Brazen bull to Impalement there were numerous torturous ways by which the victims were punished in that time.

Here is list of 10 most brutal torture techniques used for execution :

#1. Brazen Bull:


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Brazen bull or bronze bull or Sicilian bull was torture device used in ancient Greece. It was hollow brass statue which was crafted to resemble bull. The victims were put and sealed inside the statue. Fire was then lit beneath and around the bull. The victim would then be roasted alive while screaming in pain. The bull was designed in such a way that the scream of victims get amplified and sound like bellowing of bull.

#2. Heretics Fork :


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It was a torture device which consist of a metal with two opposed fork and a belt attached to it. It was placed under the chin between throat and sternum. The victim is hanged from the ceiling. The moment their head drop, the fork gets pierced into their throat or chest.

#3. Impalement:


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Impalement was method of execution in which human is penetrated by stake,pole or spear. This was Vlad the Impaler’s favourite method of execution. The victims were forced to sit on sharp pole. Then the pole were raised upright. The victim gradually slide down due to their own weight.

#4. Iron Maiden:


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Iron maiden was execution device consist cabinet sufficient enough space to enclose human. The cabinet consist of spikes on inner surface. Once the victim was inside the doors were closed. Thereafter the spikes would pierce the vital organs. The victim usually bleed to death over several hours.

#5. The Tub:


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The convict would be placed in the wooden tub with only their head sticking out. After that their face are painted with milk and honey. This allow flies to feed on them. The convicts were regularly fed and would end up swimming in their excrement. After some time maggots from their rotting excrement eat their body alive.

#6. The Saw Torture:


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In this cruel method of execution the victims were held upside down. After that the executioner would slowly start slicing them between the legs. The victim often remains conscious throughout most of the slicing, until the saw hit mid section.

#7. The Catherine Wheel:


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Catherine wheel or breaking wheel was the method of execution used in medieval times in Europe. It consist of large wooden wagon with several radial spikes. The accused was tied to this wheel and it was made to slowly revolve. After that the accused bones are broken with blows of an iron bar.

#8. The Rat Torture:


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In this method the victim was strapped to the table so that they could not move. An iron cage with rats was then placed over the their stomach. The torture then begin by heating the cage. Eventually as the cage get heated up tried to protect themselves by searching for way out. And the only way out is by clawing through victim.

#9. The Cement Shoes:


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This method of execution was introduced by American mafia. They use to execute traitor, enemies and spies by placing their feet in cider block and filling it with cement. Once dried they were thrown alive in the river or deep water body.

#10. The Rack :


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It was considered as most gruesome method of execution. This device is made up of wooden plank with two ropes fixed in the bottom and other two at handle on top. The victims were usually stretched till their limbs are separated.

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