6 Bizarre Rituals From Around The World!!

You all probably might be thinking at some point in your life that your family is bit weird. Because they follow one or the other baseless tradition during ceremonies that occurs at time of birth, marriages or death. But nothing to those are compared to bizarre traditions which are still being followed in certain parts of world.

Here is the list of some of the weird traditions from around the world:

#1. A place where corpse remains part of the family, Indonesia

The Toraja are ethnic group of people from Indonesia. They are renowned for their funeral rites which is quite elaborated social event usually attended by hundreds of people. For Trojans death is not final abrupt end. Its a long slow unfolding process. Funerals are usually delayed as much as they can. The bodies of the loved ones are kept in home for weeks, months or even years after death.

toraja deathImage Source 

#2. Bullet-Ant glove ritual, Amazon rainforest

An indigenous tribe located in Amazon rainforest known as Sateré-Mawé follows an extremely painful transitional ritual. This ritual takes places at the time when a young boy becomes sexually mature. He needs to prove himself as a man to his fellow members of tribe. For this the boy have to keep his hands in especially made gloves containing angry hive of Bullet-Ant. The pain of ants biting is 30 times more than the pain of bee sting and is like bullet piercing into the flesh thus the ants are known as Bullet-Ant. He need to keep his hands in this glove for at least 10 minutes. Thats not it, he have to endure this pain for 20 times before he can truly considered as man. WTF!

bullet ant gloveImage source

#3. Tooth Filling, Bali

Tooth filing ceremony is the Hindu ritual in Bali. The Balinese men and women have to get their teeth filed in this ceremony when they stepped on adolescence. According to this tradition, the smoothening down or filing the teeth symbolises elimination of passion, lust, greed and arrogance. This is of course a very painful procedure which these men and women have to go through.

bali teethImage source