6 Bizarre Rituals From Around The World!!

#4. Fingers amputation, Indonesia

Death is integral part of life. Death of loved ones often leaves us with physical and emotional distress. But people of Dani tribe, Papua Province practice weird tradition at the time of death of their loved ones. They have bizarre way to manifest mourning for the dead. The women in the family of dead one often amputate top half of one of their fingers at the time of attending funeral. This ritual symbolises the painful suffering after loosing a loved one.

dani-tribe-no-fingersImage source

#5. Kanamara Matsuri, Japan

The Kanamara Matsuri is a festival which takes place every year in spring in Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki, Japan. This festival is based on the legend according to which a demon once fell in love with a girl and he resides in her vagina. This demon bit off penises of two young men at their wedding night. After that girl asked the help of blacksmith who formed an iron phallus which then broke the demon’s teeth. This festival is meant to celebrate fertility and power of penis.

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#6. Endocannibalism, Amazon Rainforest

The Yanomami tribe members residing in the Amazon rainforest do not believe in burying the dead. They practice a bizarre tradition of endocannibalism. They keep the corpse for 30-45 days in leaves allowing insects to pick at it. After that the bones and ashes of the corpse are collected and mixed in the soup. This soup is to be consumed by all the members of tribe.

They believe by doing so, the soul of their loved one will reside within them.

endocannibalismImage source

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