You Won’t Believe How Fire Ants Survive in Water!


Have you ever heard of the name of Fire ants?

These are the species of ants which are commonly found in United States. They can be easily distinguished from other Ants due to their copper brown colour. That is why they are also known as Red-Ants.

Fire ants stings are extremely painful and sometime fatal. OUCH!!

Fire ants make their nest in the moist soil often near river banks, shores of ponds or watered lawns. These ants usually built their nest under log or brick and if no covering is present for the nest they form a mound over it.

fire ants mound Image Source

Fire ants show their real talent when their colonies find themselves in a body of water.

These ants show amazing survival techniques at the time of distress.

At the time of floods or water logging the colonies of these ants form unsinkable structure for survival. They join together and form a waterproof raft. Their amazing capability to form such unsinkable structure helps them to survive even in extreme weather conditions.


OMG!! To see their amazing talent check out the video below.

Though the sting of these ants are extremely pain-full but luckily sometimes it proved to be life saviour!!

Fire+ants+image+source+http+kickassfactscom+wp+content+uploads+2013+09+1420+joan+murrayjpg+information+source+http+enwikipediaorg+wiki+joan+murray+skydiver_067531_5320896Image Source