The game that world is going gaga about Pokémon GO!

You all must have heard stories about a game Pokémon Go leads the world go bonkers about within the week of its release. People are chasing Pokémon on roads, in offices, in toilets and posting their videos and status about it and what not.

You all must be thinking what is exactly happening? Know what this Pokemon is in the next page.

What is this hype all about ??

Pokémon GO a game that takes you to virtual world of Pokémon while remaining in real world. It is GPS based game for iOS and android devices that uses your GPS and based on your location Pokémon appears in the game. Then the player can capture and train their Pokémon and prepare them to battle. The game is out in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and will be release very soon in other countries too.

So be ready to dive into the virtual world of Pokémon!!