Man Drank 2 Litres Of Jack Daniels within a minute..WTF!!

All of us might have done one or the other crazy stuffs in our lifetime.We do these things because we think that by doing so we will be way ahead of our friend in being cool. Drinking Jack Daniels is not something which can be included in the crazy stuffs list. But what this man did was certainly not what many of the brave hearts among us have guts to do so.

This man drank 2 litres of Jack Daniels in just 55 seconds!!


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.03.10 pm


You all might be thinking WTF! is wrong with this guy…

This man himself might have thought exactly this after he chugged down the whole bottle of Jack Daniels.It seemed like he instantly regretted. Because as a result of his decision he landed himself in a big trouble for himself.

To know what happened next check out the amazing experience of this man in the video below.


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