OMG! Armenian Weightlifter Had Horrific Accident

Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan met with a horrific accident on Wednesday.

The 20 year old weightlifter champion from Armenia was competing in 77kg weightlifting competition when he suffered the shocking injury. This ended the hopes of the champion of winning a first olympic medal. Karapetyan had earlier won 2016 European weightlifting Championships. He also claimed bronze at 2016 World Championships. He was genuine olympic medal contender.


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He got his left elbow hyperextended resulting in dislocation of elbow.

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Karapetyan was attempting to lift 195kgs (429lbs) when his left elbow snapped. He could be heard screaming in agony in the video footage of the competition.

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Check out the video below:



Karapetyan walked off the stage holding his injured arm. He got quickly held by the members of his coaching team and was taken to the hospital immediately.


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