Omg! Did The Dog Just Said ‘Mama’ ?


All the Dog owners often tries to teach their pets something new each day. But it is depended on dog whether he is in a mood to learn or not. Pet owners will surely agree to me on this that sometimes it is quite difficult to teach them while other times they learn stuffs quite easily.


australian shephard


A video uploaded by user Sam Giovanini is currently making rounds on internet. It is having more than half a million views already.

This is because this ¬†Australian Shepard Dog seriously beats the cute little kid on saying ‘mama’. He showed his human that he indeed is quite brilliant dog.

In the video it is seen that an adult, presumably the child’s mother is trying to feed the kid. She is holding a fork full of food in her hands and asking her son to say “mama”. The toddler is sitting with dog by his side in front of couch. As the mother tries to feed the boy it is seen that the dog’s eyes are clearly fixed on the tasty food that she is holding. When she asked her son to say mama, before he can open his mouth to say the word the dog whines. He becomes restless as the toddler is not speaking and thats why he himself lets out the noise that sounds freakishly similar to “mama”.

The adorable dog keeps on repeating himself as he cannot wait to have tasty human food.

Check out the astonishing video below :


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