Shocking Landslide in Uttarakhand!! Watch Now!


Uttarakhand, A northern state in India, has seen multiple natural disasters over the time. You might also remember the in-famous flood in Badrinath & Kedarnath that happened in 2013.

As per wikipedia, Landslide is a massive movement of rock & soil due to heavy rain fall or other natural or man-made reasons. Most of the time it happens due to heavy rain fall or cloud burst.

Yesterday yet another such natural event have occurred. A road in the Uttarakhand got blocked by a heavy landslide. The entire event has been recorded by a guy in his mobile phone. Luckily there has been no casualty in the disaster.

As per local natives, such events are quite common in the Uttarakhand but heavy landslides are not very common.


Uttarakhand Uttarkashi Landslide


Watch the Uttarakhand Landslide in the video below:

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