Tiger Attack Killed Woman In Wildlife Park!!

A shocking video of Tiger attack have been posted recently on a social media.

The incident took place on Saturday, during the safari tour at Badaling Wildlife Park, Beijing.

In the video a woman is seen emerging out of her silver car and going to another side of the vehicle. She was having conversation with fellow traveller sitting on the other side when the disaster happened. Siberian Tiger at Badaling Wildlife World, Beijing pounced on the woman who was outside the car.


tiger attack


Almost immediately the Tiger dragged the woman away from the road. The another woman who chased her helplessly and got injured. Chinese media reported, this was the moment when another Tiger came and attacked the women, killing one in the process and another left injured.

In the video it is seen that park rangers were present at the moment in the vehicle. They tried to save the woman but it was too late.

The Wildlife park allows visitors to drive their own car through open space where animals roam free. Since the incident the wildlife park is ordered to be closed.

The two women were reported to be mother and daughter. They were accompanied by a man and a small child, both remains unharmed. The injured women is recovering from her wounds in hospital.

Check out the shocking video below :



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