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  • March 26, 2019
  • By ashuma

My father always use to tell me ‘Safety First’, even if I go just few blocks away to meet my friends. I think he was absolutely right because you never know what could happen if you are not vigilant. Especially if you are travelling abroad one need to be safe because firstly you are in a different country and secondly, tourist are often the target.

In recent years, I have been to few countries and because of my travelling I have learnt few things which I think will be useful to you all as well. Because after all who doesn’t want to have a fun filled vacation.

1. Passport:

Take a print out or click a picture of your passport before leaving for a vacation. This will be of help incase of any mishap. Because you never know if you loose your passport or your bag get stolen. So in that case having a copy will help.

 2. Money:

This is my personal experience. Once while I was travelling I lost my bag but thankfully not all my money was in that bag. I always make it a point to store or hide money in multiple places while travelling. This way ensure that in case your money is lost or stolen, you have enough left for the entire holiday. And you’ll know that you can enjoy even after you lost some money.

3. Travel Insurance:

I feel travel insurance is among the most important document while travelling apart from Passport and Visa. Everyone should get a travel insurance before going for vacation. Despite of all the planning sometimes the travel plan may get wrong due to some mishap like loosing your passport or some health issue or loosing your luggage etc. Having a travel insurance ensures to cover the financial losses during the travelling. Therefore I think having International travel insurance is much needed for the safety.

4. Never Flash Your Cash:

Keep some cash in the wallet, rest hidden. So that when suppose you are buying a soda, you do not show all your money. It is because thieves are often keeping an eye on the tourists. And if they will find out that there is lot of cash in your wallet, you can easily become their next target.

5. Be Vigilant:

Always be vigilant. Keep an eye on the surroundings. Thieves and pickpockets usually work in pair. It might happen that someone will try to distract you while the other may try to steal from you. It could be some street performer, some old lady, some kid or someone who is trying to engage you in a conversation. 

6. Phone:

As said above always be vigilant with your surroundings especially while taking a picture or while using phone for directions. Sometimes when you use phone for clicking a picture a thief might steal and run away. Be very careful in train or metro because thief can easily run off in the next stop.

7. Remember The Hotel Name and Number:

You should take an extra business card from the front desk of the hotel you are staying. Remember the name and number of the hotel. This information will come in handy in case if you are lost or in case if you need to contact someone for help.

8. Visit Tourist Attraction at Off Peak Hours:

Crowded places are often under scan of thieves and pickpockets. So try to visit the tourist attractions during off peak hours.

9. Monitor Your Bank Card Activity:

I always make it a point that while travelling I need to check my debit or credit card activity at least once in a day. In this way you can keep an eye on any fraudulent activity.

10. Public WiFi:

Avoid using public WiFi as it has become common way for hackers to hack into your phone and computers. This way they get access to personal information. 


By ashuma, March 26, 2019
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